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ENCHABEL is a full-service production company based in the heart of Aarhus. We partner with brands and agencies to produce content and storytelling that people feel and remember.


If you ask us, we’re a young and dynamic team driven by creativity, technical skills and truly understanding the ambitions of audiences and businesses alike. We believe in productions that get the job done and are known to be flexible and pretty down to earth.

No one ever asked for the opposite anyway.


Vestas, Hummel, Sydbank, Bestseller, Velux, Salling Group,

Green Mobility, EDC, Plandisc, Designskolen Kolding,

Kaospilot, Nordicals, Minimum, Relevant Skincare,

Jacob Jensen Design, Nybolig, ESCO Medicals,

Destination Limfjorden, Destination Sønderjylland,

PeopleWay, Horsens & Friends



Executive producer

(+45) 5071 13 08

Niklas has years of experience in planning and leading productions. He’s the one with the practical, financial, and creative overview and will follow the project from start to finish. He values close and honest collaborations, where the right idea and the last mile always win.




(+45) 2818 04 08

Chris is a highly experienced cinematographer, photographer, and editor. His primary focus is the technical execution of shoots along with editing, grading, and all of the other pivotal processes.

His extensive network is the backbone of our larger productions across industries.


Creative Director

(+45) 3051 00 22


Sissel has a special feel for visual aesthetics.

She’s the mind behind many of our campaigns and together with you, she’ll make sure that your product taps into a larger context and is presented through the right media outlets. Count on Sissel for creativity and concrete ideas from day one.


Film Production, Casting,

Production Design, Editing,

Colorgrading, Composing,

Location scouting, Visual effects,

Still photography, Drone footage

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